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Though it could provide you with the opportunity to address an issue that may have long been ignored. Honor your needs and emotional well-being by saying what needs to be said. Break the cycle. Your words pack a punch today, which means you may need to exercise some compassion if you need to say what's on your mind. On a different note, you might be feeling a bit disappointed that something isn't happening the way you hoped. Focus on the solution not the problem.

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A financial matter could crop up today that could have you feeling frustrated that things aren't going according to plan. They are. You're just being asked to be a bit more savvy with your cash. On a separate topic, don't worry if you don't fit in with the crowd. You weren't meant to. You might be feeling a bit moody or tender about how people perceive you today, specifically where your accomplishments are concerned.

You might need to reach down deep today to find some self-love and confidence as the only opinion that matters about you is yours.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

It might be hard not to have a bleak outlook today as things might not seem as sunny and bright as you'd like them to be. While you shouldn't avoid feeling what you feel, look to your friends to provide you with some of the sunlight you may be missing. Don't undervalue your friendships. It might be hard for you to express something you're feeling to a friend today, but know that the only way forward is honoring and expressing your truth.

Born on February 22 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

Individuals with a February the twenty second birthday are generous, responsible, loveable and interesting. You will usually also have high standards that can be difficult to live up to and may sometimes push yourself too hard. Your distinct likes and dislikes are often decided in childhood and you tend to stick to them like your principles. As an idealist you can be easily disappointed but are soon able to bounce back. Big career ambitions to a person born on the twenty second of February are often only a path taken in their youth.

As you gain some life experience you frequently come to the realization that a fast paced work dominated lifestyle is not suitable for you. As you mature your ambitious ideals are likely to change and you will search for a job that pays well but does not infringe on other areas of life. Working for yourself can be an option worthy of some consideration.

Financially you appear to be in good control of your budgeting and one of the few Pisces people who are resolute enough to save. For a Pisces, the person born on the twenty second day of February is quite untypical in their self sufficient emotional stance. You are however underneath not as cool and confident as you first seem as your emotions can be very fragile in personal relationships.

With a real appreciation of friendship you seek a partner who is exceptionally truthful, tactful and supportive. Your idealism ventures into your expectations of love and romance when younger before you become more realistic about perfect partners. In a long term partnership your generosity, attentiveness and protective side will be in abundance.

You are never truly content without a soul mate to share the ups and downs of daily life with. You can be hesitant and indecisive when it comes to romantic commitment due to your independent streak but your need for emotional unity overrides it. Minor health complaints experienced by those born on the February 22nd are generally likely to be nutrition based. You can be fussy about what you eat, sticking to favorite dishes, so therefore more vulnerable to vitamins or other dietary deficiencies.

Eating a healthier better balanced diet should have a noticeable effect on your vitality. Although you are sensitive and prone to stress your preferred methods of relaxation are as a rule beneficial to your well being. People born on this day will enjoy tranquil escapisms such as reading, listening to music or meditation to unwind and relax.

Your main strengths of character are most apparent in your genuine magnanimity, dedication and sense of responsibility. These sensible kind qualities and your persistent perceptive nature gain you a reputation of reliability and allow to be well liked and respected by many.

Here is your horoscope for February 22, 12222

Character weaknesses for those born on February 22nd include the tendencies to be occasionally pessimistic, overcritical and unforgiving. These negative sides to your temperament may be displayed when you have not had adequate sleep or have been hurt deeply by someone.

Forgiving and forgetting are something you find especially difficult. Being an individual born on the 22nd of February means that you like to live life to the full. You will normally avoid the fast lane and take your own route at a steady pace instead. This approach, despite your purposeful determination, is the reason you are unlikely to set any clearly defined goals. You have a rebellious edge to your nice natured charismatic individuality that believes strongly in universal freedoms.

Daily horoscope for Friday, February 22, | National Post

The aspiration to assist in some way and make a difference is often a feature of your insightful dreams. Your fondest wish will probably be simply to be loved and appreciated. As you were born on the twenty second day of the month the two two's in your birth date total a Root number of Four.

Sun enters Sagittarius

The keyword for this numerical reference to your birthday is 'Honesty' and it emphasizes your natural kindness and benevolence. The Fool as the 22nd card in the Major Arcana is the Tarot card linked to your birthday. The art of being one with yourself will help you grow and evolve manifold. Remember, everything we experience is essentially a reflection of our inner being. Instead of externalising the problem, take a moment to look within. Could the conflict you are experiencing on a subconscious level be causing commotion outside?

When we start to vibrate at the frequency of love, everything around us shifts.

You never know who you might experience that spark with. Coupled Sagittarians, on the other hand, discover the joy of a stable relationship. How blessed are you to be experiencing the kind of love that many can only dream of. Freeing yourself of the emotional baggage is going to help you turn over a new leaf, Capricorn, so continue to peel away the layers. Give yourself a hug.

What is the most effective way to get yourself out of the funk? Despite the outward appearance of things, trust that the worst is behind you. Get ready to see the silver lining you have been waiting for.

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  • If and when you find yourself in a castle of illusions, pinch yourself. Be accountable for your time and energy, Pisces. They are your biggest resources. You are being asked to channel them in the right direction. In the realm of work, two equally important projects or responsibilities could play tug of war for your attention.

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