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To attract luck, place a dog statue in the south-east corner of your bedroom or living room. In , It is advised that you carry the a dog amulet with you at all times. One might enjoy the influence and support from some consortiums when in command.

Horoscope: February 25th - 26th

Hence one ought to exercise some level of contentment before being overcome by greed and power. Compatibility: Rabbit , Rat , Ox. If you live as a couple, happiness will be there: A kind of simple but authentic happiness to be lived every day.

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Still, you need to keep your eyes open. If your heart gets carried away, be careful not to embark thoughtlessly on a love story that could end up deceiving you. He or she should receive your message clearly, and so your love life will have great chances to be at a top level. Single folks, you could very well succumb to love at first sight this time. Enjoy the love and support of your love mate.

One might have survived the recent turbulent financial crisis and hope the worst would be over and good times about to surface. It would be an ideal assumption but the whole situation will depend a lot on how others perform. Hence one should not count the chickens before the eggs are hatched. Do not let a recent discovery of some potentially terminal illness make one lose all hope of survival. There are still chances no matter how small at the moment, but one should continue fighting the illness. Try to have some faith in modern medical technology, for one will never know when a new medical break-through is just around the corner.

Salaried workers may have a raise in salary and a promotion.

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For those who are doing business it will be good too. Today's eclipse in Water sign Pisces will bring a big change to your daily routines, Libra. If you haven't been paying attention to your health, now would be a wise time to check in. Unexpected fireworks or explosions will take place in your relationships today.

Love is omnipresent…

There is an eclipse in fellow Water sign Pisces today, and it's activating the sector of your chart that rules romance, creativity, and fun all things you're ready to have more of in your life. But not yet—expect some unexpected chores to land on your lap today. Today's eclipse, in sensitive Pisces, is highlighting issues that concern home and family.

Things are changing, and it's best if you go with the flow. The energy is passionate today; expect your love life and your creativity to be on fire. Everything's getting shaken up today, Capricorn. Shocking news is on the way thanks to the eclipse in Pisces, and unexpected surprises are popping up at home due to warrior planet Mars and unruly Uranus meeting in Fire sign Aries.


Daily Horoscope Tuesday February 26th | Jessica Adams

Today's eclipse in Pisces is activating the financial sector of your chart, bringing up issues surrounding worth and abundance. Security, both emotional and financial, is on your mind. An unexpected conversation will go down. There's an eclipse in your sign today, which means your life is about to be forever changed. For better or for worse?

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Depends on whether or not you're taking the high road. Expect surprises around finances today. What's in the stars for you in February? Read your monthly horoscope here. Your unique planetary influences makes you the most romantic of all the Pisces Decans. At times, you retreat into a world of romantic fantasy, where beauty, love and poetry can be the focus. While this quality allows you to love with great openness, it can become detrimental if you become too vulnerable to others. You will always be the first person to lend a helping hand or supportive ear, but you may run the risk of troubling yourself too heavily with the burdens of others.

Chinese Zodiac

Remember to take time to address your own emotional and personal needs. In love, find a partner that shares in your value of honesty and romanticism, as this will bring you the most satisfaction and happiness. While choosing a career is one of life's most daunting challenges, you are lucky enough to have natural abilities that translate to success in a variety of fields. Compassionate and caring, you may do well in people-based careers, such as counseling, teaching, social work or politics.

On the other hand, your business sense may take you into commerce, manufacturing or entrepreneurship, much like Levi Strauss, who was also born on February 26th. If you are musically inclined, your imagination and gifts for communication may lead you down the path of lyrical expression, which was the case for Johnny Cash, another of your celebrity birthday twins. The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a girl blowing a bugle.