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The social network will be helpful. Romantic time with your partner is indicated and the relationship will be eventful.

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Those looking to find an alliance will be successful in their efforts. Your children may perceive the intensity of your love towards them in a negative way and move apart.


Health: Health will be good during the month, including lack of stress. However, you must be careful with too much indulgence and control your food habits. Problems of heart or heartburn can occur if you consume spicy food. Essentially you yourself can be a big obstacle in your social movement due to too much aggression or taking it little too easy.

Working in groups can be beneficial. This is not a good month for gambling and investment in any areas without doing the right research work. Any risky investment areas must be avoided. Expenditure needs to be controlled during the month. You will be tempted to spend money on articles of luxury and trying to make your surroundings comfortable and luxurious. Days of caution on financial matters : Jul, Jul, Jul, Jul. The month of July is average but still better than the previous month.

Sun is going through inauspicious 9th and then auspicious 10th house transit, but Mars causes a vedha. Saturn is going through auspicious 3rd house transit.

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  • Jupiter is going through an inauspicious 1st house transit. Rashi lord Venus is going through an auspicious 11th house. Mercury is going through an auspicious 10th. Mars is going through the manglik 4th house transit. Rahu is going through an unfavourable 10th house transit, while Ketu through an adverse 4th house transit. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: The manglik transit along with Ketu will continue to cause problems of lack of emotional quotient.

    It will also cause some problems with your relatives. Relationship with the partner will also not be smooth. The first part of the month can cause problems with father, gurus and mentors, but the situation will improve in the second half of the month. If you can control your anger Mars , the month can provide for a time of rest and recreation. It can also allow you to meet someone interesting from opposite sex. Health: Chest infections and pains should not be ignored. Indigestion, dysentery and other abdominal disorders are also indicated.

    You need to find ways to align with people at work, rather than clash with them.

    Online Investors Consult Astrology To Chart Their Financial Courses

    You can be a victim of cheating at the place of work. Communication in business and place of work can be good if the above advice is heeded to. You can discuss business expansion plans with your partners in business. If you are in a job, you can discuss avenues of promotions with your superiors. Increased money flow will also indicate increased expenses. Rashi lord Mars is going through 3rd house transit, but there is vedha of Jupiter.

    Mercury is going through an adverse 9th house transit. Venus is going through an unfavourable 10th house transit. Sun will move through two unfavourable houses — 8th followed by the 9th house. This will overall be an adverse month due to transits being negative and obstacles due to vedha. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: You can get into arguments with your in-laws. This will cause arguments with your spouse too and petty quarrels can bring down the levels of romance in the relationship.

    There can be an overall improvement in personality, as your rashi lord is going through an auspicious transit, but too much laziness, over-optimism and tendency to take it easy will harm your prospects.

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    Health: Fear of unknown and anxiety can increase. Physical strength also increases, but there will be a tendency to eat too much food. Back and neck pain is also indicated. There will be many chances and opportunities for success that will open up, but you can be over-optimistic and may fail to see risks. This can cause failure in new projects. Immovable property can be sold and purchased. You need to keep good company and keep crooks away. Short-cuts and breaking of law can have repercussions. Sun is going through unfavourable 7th and 8th houses. Mars moves through manglik 2nd house transit.

    Mercury will be moving through a favourable 8th, but Mars causes vedha. Venus moves through a favourable 9th house, but Jupiter causes vedha. This month shows obstacles all around. Be careful.

    Home, Family and Domestic Environment: As positive transits are blocked, negative effects of sadhe sati will be felt more in this month. If obstacles are managed well, this month can be positive with respect to happiness in family and romance in relationships.

    Know your Spouse through Birth Chart

    Couples can expect good news as far as childbirth is concerned. Travel: Travel should be avoided. If trips are a must, then they need to be planned well.


    Keep time in your hand to take rest during journeys. Health: Diseases of intestine, fever can trouble you. You can pick up smoking and drinking. Fire-related injuries can harm you as well. Joint property dealing can be good, but there will be obstacles like ones mentioned above. Peers at the place of work may try to malign your name and bring disrepute.

    Theft of accumulated wealth is indicated — by way of wrong business decisions, bad investment calls or plain thoughtless expenditure. Saturn is going through the 12th house and sadhe sati is in its first phase. Jupiter is transiting through the 10th house and it is an inauspicious transit. Mars is transiting through an unfavourable 1st house. Venus is transiting through a favourable 8th house. Mercury is transiting through an unfavourable 7th house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: The axis of self and partner is under come malefic influence during the month and will create adverse situations at home.

    Those couples whose relationship is already under tenterhooks due to poor dasha periods should be careful, else the relationship breaks. The emotional quotient will also be less during the month, especially during the second half. There can be disagreements with neighbours and relatives.

    You will need to maintain sympathy with others and be communicative at least to maintain your love relationship. Travel: There would be travels during the second part of the month, but you will need to plan ahead in order to get some good results out of it. Health: Infections, fever and accidents are indicated.

    Robert Hitt : Financial Astrologer

    Skin diseases can also occur. Disorder of lungs, kapha dosha imbalance related disorders are indicated. Any new project should be done during the first two weeks. The second half of the month indicates the failure in new tasks. Your credibility can come down because of failures.

    Astrology , Horoscope, Free Vedic Astrology, Online Astrologers

    There will be both internal your own lack of effort and external due to supervisors, government impediments at the place of work and in business. A little bit of aggression at the place of work will actually help, unlike in domestic setting. Gain of money is possible. Landed property and house deals will also be possible.

    You may spend money on interiors of your house.