16 march horoscope for leo

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You could feel pulled in two different directions. Don't pressure yourself into making a decision now. Maybe you are thinking about two different people you would like to date. Each person could have some wonderful qualities, and you could be confused about which one to choose. Maybe you should let them both know that you are dating two people.

This way, you can take more time getting to know each of them better. Will your future be bright? Our advisors reveal all here!

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You could come across an old friend. Perhaps you will receive an e-mail from a pal you haven't seen for a while. Or maybe you will receive a phone call from a good buddy. Take a moment and connect with your friend. You'll enjoy sharing news with each other.


Offer updates about your romantic life and your personal adventures. Give positive feedback to each other, and be grateful for this friendship. The last few weeks have been a little too serious for your taste. But, this is good for you every once in a while. You may have a tendency to want to play, which sometimes prevents you from getting your work done. Take today to try and get your daily life organized so that you can have time to take care of your responsibilities and have a little fun.

This is the end of the first stage in your "socialization,". Are you satisfied with the people you have met? You, who are a Leo, can make the most out of these encounters.

But did your political savvy let you down? You may spend lavishly to improve your personal appearance. Such expenditures are only an investment, feels Ganesha. You know how to make money, and you are even better in putting it to good use. Today, you will have your one eye on the developments in the stock market, and the other on brochures of tourism companies.

LEO Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 10th March to Saturday 16th March 2019

Yes, you may plan to spend some money on leisure, entertainment and getting closer to your family. What better investment than the one made on strengthening the family bond. It may be that the best daffodils bloom early in the morning, but good ideas can come any time of the day, says Ganesha. So spruce up your management skills, as you shall need them to help organise and cash in on the multitude of ideas that will bombard you today.

Remember, says Ganesha, a good idea can change your life, just the way a good poem can help you win a wife! So, if it is some love that you are fishing for, then express yourself without inhibitions today. Motivation will remain high today, says Ganesha. Your talents and skills make you stand out as a superb artist. Words will glow if you let your creativity flow, and should you decide to dance or sing, you'll set the stage on fire today. Cultivate hobbies in performing arts and literature, advises Ganesha. It sure is tiring to run with the herd.

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 16th March

You may feel the desire to get away from the rat race at work today. Maybe it is the monotonous and stressful environment in office that is pushing you to your limits. But you may seek a new direction and lifestyle, one that is less taxing. Sometimes, it becomes imperative to make a few changes. Ganesha wishes you a cheerful best in your efforts today.

Leo: Your daily horoscope - December 03

You shall follow all things to the dot today. Your approach will be methodical and robotic. It is likely that you shall symbolise the saying, 'Actions speak louder than words'. Your powers of persuasion will help you amass the confidences of many, predicts Ganesha. A day to full of caution, warns Ganesha. There are chances that your heart will find its partner, forcing you to fall in love. You may be cupid's next prey.

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However, watch your steps, as the initial stages of a relationship may be fragile and need to handled with care. Also, it's time to guard your reputation. Like you weren't already overworked, new responsibilities will keep you occupied throughout the day, says Ganesha.

The excitement with which you work every day will weaken, and eventually die down by the end of the day. This is mainly because you will burn your energy and resources in helping others. But there is a good side to this too. Your social standing will improve dramatically because of your kind nature. You have your head on your shoulders and feet on the ground.